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Become An Auto Reconditioning Specialist, Not Just A Car Detailer – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

There is a major difference between learning to be a true vehicle reconditioning specialist and your average car detailer.’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training sets you up to not only learn how to detail a car but you’ll also learn how to start your own auto detailing business. You get actual hands-on experience with paint correction, nano ceramic coating application and other advanced techniques that will really differentiate your car detailing business from your competition.

The father and son team of Lane and Dylan Snider are local to’s state-of-the-art training facility in San Diego, CA and came to learn how to start an car detailing business. “Start to finish, this has been one of the most professional gigs I’ve ever seen,” says Lane of his experience in training.

Their classmate, Daniel from Ohio, came out to take his skills to the next level and streamline his business. “I just knew that there were things that I could do more efficiently as far as getting a more systematic approach to the overall detail to speed up my time and be more efficient,” Daniel explains.

The small class and hands-on training approach here at really helps our students learn these more efficient techniques. “It’s a lot of hands-on time. You get the polisher in your hand. You get comfortable with it. Instructor does a very good job of making sure you’re not afraid of it,” explains Daniel. Lane agrees, “The small class helped a ton, just a few guys here in the class, and one-on-one, and just everybody got along great and everybody was quite amazed at the process.”

In addition to learning a more efficient approach to detailing a vehicle Daniel also found the business training included in our Advanced Detailing Training extremely valuable. “Yeah, that was huge, because that was a big thing that I was missing, was like the business side of things,” Daniel says. He continued, “with the packaging and pricing, it was all laid out very well, explained thoroughly.”

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