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Become An Auto Reconditioning Specialist & Learn How to Detail A Vehicle – Advanced Car Detailing Training Testimonial

For many, starting a detailing business is about giving themselves the freedom to live the life they want instead of working for somebody else. Whether you plan on having a shop in your hometown or starting a mobile detailing business having the right detailing school and certification gives you the skills and knowledge to get there.

Daniel from Minnesota recognized exactly that, “I felt that I needed to start learning a trade, a trade that I could take with me anywhere. And this is exactly it.” He explains that his current job isn’t inspiring and he needed something more, “I don’t really like my job. And I felt that this was the only way to do it–the right way.”

So now that he has the idea to start his own car detailing business Daniel knew he needed the kind of environment he could actually learn everything he needed. “It’s actually good for me because I learn a lot better hands-on, somebody showing me, or telling me and then showing me, versus just kind of reading through a book or watching online.”’s small class sizes and hands-on approach to advanced auto detailing training was a perfect fit.

Fellow student Oswado had his college plans interrupted recently and started detailing cars during that time and that was his light bulb moment that this could be a business. “Couple people ask me if I want to wash theirs. I want to offer more to them, learn more about the detail and ceramic coatings,” he explains.

He was feeling a bit intimidated when he first arrived at our state-of-the-art training facility but our expert training staff made him feel comfortable and gave him the knowledge, skill and confidence to do amazing work. “It felt good because at first, I’m just thinking–it sounds kind of hard. But once you get to do it and you follow the steps we’ve been told and everything, it’s pretty simple,” he says.

The best feedback we can get is when our students have such a great experience that they are already talking about recommending our advanced detailing training course to others. “I highly recommend to anybody that’s interested in auto detailing,” says Daniel about his overall experience training with us. “They go into the full spectrum as far as what you need to do, what kind of tools you need to use, and the knowledge and experience, and just the hands-on training. If you like hands-on training, this is definitely the right course to take,” he concludes.

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