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Opened My Mind To The Perfection That’s Involved In Auto Detailing – Advanced Car Detailing Training Testimonial

There is a huge difference between someone who claims to be a professional car detailer and an actual auto reconditioning specialist who has completed our advanced car detailing training. The product knowledge, the hands-on experience and education received from our experienced trainers puts our students head and shoulders above any auto detailer that hasn’t taken this kind of training course.

Gale from Arizona agrees, “I was here to learn a professional way to auto detail…I really wanted someone’s expertise in learning. It’s always one thing to watch online and stuff, but it’s a whole different experience when you’re doing it in person.”

Fellow student Marc noticed the difference right away as well. “The first day, it was huge,” he says. “Yeah, it definitely opened my mind to the perfection that is involved in auto detailing, of what actually auto detailing at a professional level consisted of,” Marc explains.

Taking that car detail training to the next level is why we focus on a small class size for our hands-on approach to learning. “Hands on is definitely the reason I came here, because I’ve always been a hands-on guy,” explains Marc. “It just sticks in your mind more whenever you can put what you’ve learned in your hands, and just go ahead and get it done, and learn that way. I feel like I learned a whole lot more having four people in a class, that one on one was excellent,” he explained about how the approach to car detail training fit his learning style.

The other thing that sets our advanced auto detail training course apart is our amazing and experienced trainer Ruben. “There is nothing like learning from someone who has done a job for many, many years. Ruben has worked in auto detailing for a lot of years, and he has a lot of knowledge to pass on to many people. So it’s kind of a gift, actually,” says Gale of her experience working with Ruben.

“Yeah, I really enjoy my experience here at Rightlook,” says Gale. “I highly recommend it to anyone else who’s looking into getting into auto detailing and the many other classes they have to offer,” Gale concludes about her time at’s state-of-the-art advanced car detailing training center.

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