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You’ll Get A Great Hands-On Experience, Lots of Training – We Tint ‘Em Testimonial

Adding a new service to your established auto styling business can be difficult. Where do you start? Some choose to hire a new employee that has experience in the service, but what if that is not an option for your small business? That is where can help! When Sherry & Russel Michel wanted to add Clear Bra Paint Protection Film to their Window Tinting business (We Tint ‘Em) they came back to to get the training they needed.

Sherry & Russel started their automotive tinting business a few years ago with the skills they acquired in our Window Tinting Training Course. When their customers started asking about paint protection film installation they knew there was only one way to add this service to their business,!

“We felt pretty confident when we left the class before. So I felt like we came into this class knowing, or expecting, good training and Ruben made us feel real comfortable and he was right there with us the whole time,”they say of coming back to Rightlook for a second time.

In addition to picking up the knowledge and skill needed to offer a new service like Clear Bra to their business Sherry & Russel know that getting certified in the services they offer is a helpful selling tool. “It eases the customer’s mind to say ‘you can go down the street to someone or you can go to a certified tinter or paint protection film installer.’ You know it’s worth traveling to get here to get a good hands-on education.”

Whether you’re just starting out with a new business or you are looking to add a new service to your existing business like Sherry & Russel, is the place to start. “It’s worth it and I’d say if you’re thinking about going to school, or considering it, just definitely go ahead and come to Rightlook.”

To learn more about our Paint Protection Film Installation Class, Window Tinting Training Course, or any of our other Automotive Styling Training Courses, call 800-883-3446 to speak with one of our business consultants or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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