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This Is Everything I Am Looking For In A School – Noe Olmedo Vehicle Wrap Training Testimonial

Noe Olmedo recently completed’s Vehicle Wrap Training. Having already taken our Advanced Auto Detailing Training Class he already knew this was the best place to learn the skills to take his business to the next level. “This is everything I am looking for in a school,” says Noe. “Yeah, it’s easy to learn.”

When it came to vehicle wraps, Noe had done some practicing at home but knew if he wanted to offer the service professionally to his clients he needed to come back to Rightlook. “There’s a lot of little details that you need to take care of. Just to put it on the flat panel is easy but the rest, like corners and between the lines and everything is hard,” he explains. “It was easy to learn because Ruben is really good when he is explaining everything and every little detail and then we practice on the car. I learned a lot.”

In addition to the proper technique and hands-on training you get in a training course Noe also appreciates the ongoing support. “If you had any questions you can call or email Ruben and he’d give you some answers. So they’re always there for you,” he explains about our lead instructor Ruben.

You don’t have to have experience in vehicle wraps or auto detailing before coming to one of our training classes either. “In the beginning, I tell you I didn’t know anything. And then when I’m touching a car, you get nervous a little bit,” says Noe of arriving before the first day of class. “But then you started getting confidence between day by day.” That is what specializes in. Taking people from all skill levels and giving them the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in this industry.

“From 1 to 5 stars? 5 Stars, Rightlook. All the time.” Says Noe of his experience with after taking two different classes for Vehicle Wrap and Advanced Auto Detailing.

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