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Rightlook Is The Place To Be I Suggest You Get Here Quick – Jorelle Brown Testimonial

At, we take immense pride when past students come back to train in additional services to add to their business. We welcomed Jorelle Brown back for our Vehicle Wrap Training Course so he could add wraps to his service catalog at Studio 167 Car Spa & Detailing.

Jorelle took our Advanced Auto Detailing Training a few months back and knew that when learning a new service he wanted that hands-on and personal touch that offers. He says, “I mean, listen anybody can tell you anything, if you’re not hands-on and training and doing it, then you’re going to make a mistake.” Jorelle continues, “To me you know and honestly, that’s the only way I’m really able to learn and to move forward in whatever it is that I’m doing.”

The expertise and experience of our training staff was also a big reason for him coming back, “Ruben was a great, great trainer. Obviously, or I wouldn’t have came back. That’s great having someone that has the experience that he has. Great trainer, very clear in his instructions, and has you very confident coming out and doing whatever it is that you came out to do.”

You don’t have to have an extensive background in Vehicle Wraps to learn this skill either. “I’d never done it before. I seen it. And trust me just like detail, I thought I knew it.” Jorelle explains about his previous experience level. He continues, “But it’s totally different when you get into it. So having a hands-on training made me realize it’s nothing like what I thought or what I had seen.”’s training courses can give you the skills and confidence to offer top-notch services and keep your customers satisfied and returning time after time. “Being trained gives you more confidence and gives your customers more confidence in you,” says Jorelle. “With the help of Ruben. I was able to get that 5-star rating when people wanted to go online and give me that review. So with the clients that I had you get people that come back for other things.”

Jorelle says of his overall experience, “If you want training, you want hands-on, and you want confidence to go out there to do what you do and to expand your business, get good customers and give them quality work. Rightlook is the place to be. I suggest you get here quick.”

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