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March Offers A Special Treat For Advanced Auto Detailing Training Students

For anybody with a passion for cars and working on cars it’s always a special treat to get to work on a rare vehicle you don’t see everyday. That was the case for some of Rightlook’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training students when they saw the Rolls Royce they got to rejuvenate. They took this beauty through the full treatment including exterior wash, interior detailing, paint correction, and nano ceramic coating application.

In addition to this special vehicle, the student’s in our Advanced Detail Training were impressed with our state-of-the-art training facility. Our student, Jason says, “From walking into these doors you know the facilities have been brilliant. You know Ruben’s the guy here. I can only give him compliments, super guy.” His classmate DeMarcus also loved learning from Ruben, saying “I didn’t think I would meet the Yoda of auto detailing. Every word is just a new piece of information I can take home and use for something else.”

Take a look at the video to see what else these and the other students in this class had to say about’s Advanced Detailing Course. You’ll also get to see what it takes to take any vehicle from hasn’t been touched in a while to showroom ready through Advanced Detailing Services like paint correction and protecting it with Nano Ceramic Coating application. These are advanced high revenue services that you’ll gain the skills in when you train with

Jason came all the way from South Africa to take this Advanced Auto Detailing Course. “I’m testaments to traveling a vast distance to get this sort of training. Definitely well worth the two days just to get to San Diego from South Africa.” He doesn’t believe distance should stand in the way of anybody getting the skills they need to reach their dreams. “If I can motivate anyone to take that leap of faith. You’re gaining the skill. You’re working on yourself as an individual. So yeah, it’s right place to be.”

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