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July 2020 Advanced Auto Detailing, Paint Correction & Nano Ceramic Coating Application Course

People come from all across the country to get the hands-on training offers at our state-of-the-art training facility in San Diego, CA. July’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training Class was no exception with students from as far away as Baltimore, MD. Once they arrive though, they are all impressed with their experience and the knowledge they gain.

“Here you get information right off the bat, you know, and it felt comforting from day one. You know, you get all the basics and the foundations and what you’re going to be using and dealing with,” says our student Adrian from San Bernardino about starting the class.

In addition to being from all over the country, our students also vary in their experience levels before taking our training classes. “I’m brand new with the mobile detailing business. So I came here to get a certification and know how to do things right. And with the certification you are going to attract more clients,” says Torre Weathersby from Las Vegas, NV.

Even those that come with more experience are often blown away by the in depth knowledge they gain in our courses. “I have my own detail shop in my garage at home, just doing the basics, says Ulises from Oregon. He continues, “I think my biggest fear was learning how to paint correct and ceramic coat and I think that’s what I came here to mainly learn. Once I got here, I found out that a lot of stuff I was doing was just wasting time and money.”

One of the main reasons our students come away with such positive experiences is our trainer, Ruben, who brings in-depth knowledge and a comforting teaching style. “Working with Ruben was excellent. Like, hands-on he’d give you points of how to do it step by step,” says Devon from Baltimore. Torre agrees, “Man, Ruben is the best trainer ever…He knows everything from A-to-Z And he actually teaches you, and it’s very easy to learn.”

The general consensus of this class is summed up by Adrian, “My experience here is through the roof, you know, I would bring it to 20 out of 10. You know, I would recommend it to everyone.”

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