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It’s Worth It, 100 Percent. You Have To Do It! – Joe Stanley Advanced Auto Detailing Testimonial

There are many reasons students choose’s Advanced Auto Detailing Course for their training. Some have been in the auto styling industry for a long time. Others are following their passion, like Joe Stanley who was in our February 2020 Advanced Detailing Training. Joe recognized that there is a difference between a detailer and a reconditioning specialist that can perform services like Paint Correction, Nano Ceramic Coating Application, Headlight Restoration and more.

“I’ve been part of other industries and I just haven’t fully enjoyed it,” says Joe. “Coming down here has really cleared my vision. I know what I’m doing now, I know how to do it. It’s really connected all these dots.”

Joe has always been an organized person but he didn’t just want to clean cars for a living. “I want to offer that high end” he explains. He also knows exactly where he can get hands on training for all the services he wants to add later on. “I’m gonna be coming back for something on other courses. When I figure out what my customers want. Whether it’s window tinting, window repair, vehicle wraps, whatever it may be.”

In addition to the Advanced Auto Detailing training course Joe took which covered advanced techniques for Car Detailing, Paint Correction and Nano Ceramic Coating Application there is a wide range of auto styling courses offered by Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film, Color Change Vehicle Wrap & Windshield Repair are all services Joe can come back to for hands-on training.

“To the future students that are hesitant, it’s, just, you gotta do it,” says Joe. He continues, “It’s worth it, 100%. You have to do it.”

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