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Inside Look At Rightlook’s Vehicle Wrap Training Course

Watch the video to see what’s February vehicle wrap training course was like in our state-of-the-art training center in San Diego, CA. We caught up with Josh & Daulet, two of our color change wrap class students about their training. Josh travelled down from San Francisco, CA and Daulet came all the way from Kazakhstan!

“I did a ton of research. There’s a few places in San Francisco…but the reviews weren’t as good.” says Josh who found’s vehicle wrap course information online. After doing his homework on which school could give him the skills he needed it was clear that Rightlook was the only choice. He continues, “it seemed like it was way more worth it than just going 45 minutes away.”

Daulet travelled even farther and has the added challenge of learning in a different language from his own. “My English is not good,” he admits. “But [Ruben] showed me how to do it right…I can understand everything because he respects every student.” Josh also loved learning from Ruben, adding “Ruben is honestly a great teacher, I couldn’t ask for better.”

In addition to hearing what else these students have to say about our color change wrap class you’ll also see some of the techniques you would learn in the class when you come. You’ll see what the classroom setting looks like, some of the practice body pieces look like, and the tools you’ll use. Finally, you’ll see what it’s like to get hands-on training as these students take this Dodge Challenger and give it a fresh new look with their newly acquired vehicle wrap skills.

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