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I’m So Grateful That I Came To Rightlook – Multiple Testimonials

Detailers come from all across the country to get the best hands-on training in the industry at, even in a global pandemic. As is the case in this Advanced Auto Detailing Training Course that brought Mohammed from California, Durand from Chicago and Sterling from Baltimore all together.

Whether they traveled from across the street or across the country, many of their reasons for choosing to get their training are similar. “When you learn from someone that was in your shoes and has 15 years experience, it just builds your confidence. And like you know you’re going to be successful,” says Sterling of learning from our head trainer Ruben.

Durand explains, “These products, they work And there’s a process and what you want to do is you want to get that certification behind your name so that you can learn how to do the process, not just become some fly by night mobile detail shop…Rightlook gives you that look.”

In addition to the exceptional hands-on detailing techniques you’ll learn, many students greatly appreciate the entire business training that includes in our courses. “It’s not just learning how to detail. But establishing your business, how to deal with your clientele how to approach the customer. And you know what questions to ask and what to look for,” says Mohammed.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been detailing for 20 years and just want to pick up some new techniques, learn new tools, or if you’re starting a business from scratch.’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training Course gives you the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to reach your goals.

“I just want to start my business and really give a good expert professional auto detail to my customers. And I think what I’ve learned from Rightlook that I’ll be able to do that,” explains Sterling regarding his experience with

To learn more about our Advanced Auto Detailing Training Course, or any of our other Automotive Styling Training Courses, call 800-883-3446 to speak with one of our business consultants or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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