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If You See Someone From Rightlook It’s Gonna Be Top Quality Work – Jason Gomez Paint Protection Film Testimonial

During the hiatus due to COVID-19, took many measures to ensure the ongoing safety and health of our employees and students once our training center was able to open again. We disinfected all our facilities and have increased and enhanced our regular cleaning services in these areas and are also requiring masks for all students and employees when within 6 feet of others. While implementing these changes to adapt to the new normal we were in constant communication with our future students who couldn’t wait to get the opportunity to come to enhance their skills within the auto styling industry.

One such student was Jason Gomez of Danbury, Connecticut. Jason took our Paint Protection Film application training course. He started with a background in Auto Detailing and had never done a PPF installation before. “I’ve had no experience with paint protection film. I mean, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it done before.” explained Jason. “But you can only learn so much just by observing without someone explaining it to you.”

“Ruben did a great job explaining to me the fundamentals, different types of methods as to applying, “ says Jason of his trainer Ruben Valenzuela. Jason continues, “He’s got to be the best because for someone like me to learn as fast as I did? I mean, it’s incredible.” specializes in helping students like Jason go from little to no knowledge or experience in a skill such as Paint Protection film and getting them comfortable offering the services to their future clients. We start with the fundamentals of each auto styling service we offering training for, then move on to hands-on instruction. After the students have completed their hands-on portion we also provide insight into how to charge for these services and how to sell them. All of our training courses are comprehensive in this way so you can successfully add these services to your business.

“If you’re thinking about Rightlook, stop thinking and just do it,” says Jason when asked if he would recommend’s training courses to others. “I’m thinking about coming back and taking another class…definitely recommend it.”

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