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I Think It Makes A World Of Difference – Multiple Testimonials

This week we are taking a look at our Advanced Auto Detailing Training Course with students from all across the United States. Despite the variety of starting locations the common theme with our students is a drive to succeed in their auto styling businesses and the desire to be the best.

It’s that desire that brings a lot of our students to our state-of-the-art training center in San Diego, CA from all over the map. Walter came to us from New Jersey with an opportunity to purchase an existing detailing business from his former employer. “I was working for him…and he said, you have to work in the field with me and you have to become an expert,” Walter remembers. “HE put me in touch with Rightlook and that’s why I flew out here from the East Coast.”

Another thing we hear a lot about from our students is confidence. Whether they are just getting starting with Auto Detailing or have been doing it for a long time and are looking to update skills or add services to their business, everybody comes away feeling more confident after their time with us.

“Just the confidence of being trained by an expert and then getting certified to be an expert. I think makes a world of difference,” says student Mark. “I don’t want to be good, I want to be great.”

The hands-on approach here at Rightlook is really what sets us apart from other training programs or online videos. “Applying it learning in the classes is one thing, but getting out here into the shop and then just doing the work…It’s just a different level of training,” explains Walter.

Hear more from these students and others in our recent Advanced Auto Detailing Training Course and see the amazing results they achieved bringing this BMW to like-new condition again!

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