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I Really Recommend You Take It, This Is Just A Great Training Program – Multiple Testimonials

One of the greatest transformations possible in the auto styling industry is achieved through application of a Vehicle Wrap, which makes it highly desired service for many. Alex Villareal came to to start his own business so he took our Advanced Auto Detailing Training and came back to take our Vehicle Wrap application training course to be able to offer multiple services to his future customers.

“I’ve always found wrap like really interesting and everything like the way you can just transform a car to look like it’s brand new,” he explains. “It’s just a passion of mine too.”

Alex has now taken multiple trainings with our head trainer, Ruben, and has enjoyed his experience and learned a lot. “He had so much knowledge and experience in this stuff. And that just makes my confidence, in not only Rightlook and their classes but, in myself to be a better installer because he knows all the tips and tricks.”

Fellow student, also named Alex (Moreno), agrees about the level of training he received in class. “Having only six of us working on one car definitely helped out. And on top of that Ruben is able to pay more attention to all of us instead of skimming through things then potentially missing something where he’s able to actually look at things and tell us what’s going on with this so it’s a lot better.”

Both Alex’s agree that their new knowledge is invaluable in their future success. “If you are thinking about taking it, I would recommend it. Just take that leap forward and dive straight ahead into it,” says Alex V. while Alex M. adds “Completely, 100% do it.”

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