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Honestly, I Think It’s The Best Way To Do It – Multiple Testimonials

Whether you are a professional detailer already or someone just starting out in the auto styling industry, can help you achieve your goals. This was the case for both seasoned detailer Ben Bailey from Detroit, MI and Connor O’Reilley who is just getting started.

“I just wanted to get around some experts and learn what is it that I’m doing wrong what am I not using properly and get a better understanding and so that’s why I’m here,” explains Ben. “I didn’t know anything about using a Wheeler or buffer. So that was really exciting to do that hands on and see what and what not to do,” he continues about adding new services to his skillset.

Connor came to to learn Advanced Auto Detailing as well as Window Tinting and Vehicle Wraps, “I came here with zero experience on any of the classes I took. But I’m leaving learning a lot more very confident in everything I learned and ready to work,” he says.

Both Ben and Connor really appreciated’s small class sizes. “The interacting is a lot better with it being a small class. He can see what you’re doing wrong. he can correct you and you keep moving,” says Ben.

“It allows you to talk to the teacher more, asking all the questions you need. Working on the car, you have more room to work. You’re able to do more things because other people aren’t doing them. You are able to basically touch every part of the car and you won’t be able to do that if there’s like 10 or 15 people in the class, because it would just be jammed. Honestly, I think it’s the best way to do it,” Connor agrees.

Ben really enjoyed his time with but recalls spending a lot of time before coming thinking about the decision. He explains, “I’ll tell you, you don’t want to be me and waste four years talking that you’re about come here. Get up, make the phone call.”

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