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Aston Martin Gets Advanced Auto Detailing Treatment in Training – Multiple Testimonials

It’s always a pleasure to see familiar faces coming back to to pick up additional skills and training. So it was a great time seeing Nick from Attention N Detail in Logan, Utah back at HQ. “I’m here because I just hired my first employee. I want to get him trained and certified,” says Nick of his most recent trip to Rightlook.

“Back seven years ago, a little earlier than that actually, I wanted to start a detailing company, and I realized that I didn’t know what I was doing.” Nick recalls. Then he connected with Steve Drennon here are and Nick’s been working with us ever since! “Ceramic coating wasn’t around when I first went through. So it’s amazing to have that extra understanding and extra knowledge around ceramic coating and general paint corrections.”

Nick’s recently hired employee, Jeffrey, was also impressed with Rightlook during his time here. “I thought I knew it all. I didn’t know, really, anything,” he explains. “Was good to be trained by somebody that has so much knowledge and experience. And I can have confidence in becoming a reconditioning expert,” Jeffrey said of his trainer Ruben.

This class also offered the surprise of getting to train on an Aston Martin, which got the attention of everyone in the class. “It’s very nerve wracking working on quite an expensive car,” Jeffrey recalled. “After doing a vehicle like this, I mean, it speaks for itself. You’re not going to take somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing and put them on a vehicle like this and get these type of results,” explains Isaiah from Seattle who came to Rightlook’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training with 3 years of experience under his belt.

After his second stint with Nick says, “I would say Rightlook’s been a huge blessing in my life. I’m very grateful for it. And if anyone comes to Rightlook They’re going to feel the exact same way as long as they’re here willing to learn and willing to change to some of the things that they need to change that they were doing wrong before.” We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves, Nick!

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