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Adrian Jimenez Picks Up His Skid Mount After Completing Advanced Detail Training

Adrian Jiminez came down to for our Advanced Auto Detailing Training from San Bernardino, CA and ordered his custom detailing skid mount. Now he’s picking it up and we mounted it in his trailer so he’s ready to rock and roll!

“It’s the latest and greatest…Everything I needed to get these cars looking just right,” says Adrian after seeing his mobile detailing skid mount finally installed in his trailer. “Rightlook is the only place to go.”

Adrian is excited to get going with his new set up and customize his trailer around his new centerpiece skid mount. “It looks perfect, it’s mounted perfect. Great job with the dimensions…it’s all reachable, I got my hose reel,” he says. “I’ll get some racks up and hang all my stuff. Excited. Excited to get out in the field.”

You can customize your auto detailing skid mount unit by using our online skid builder or contacting one of our business consultants by calling 800-883-3446 or fill out the form on the bottom of this page.

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