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Wheel Repair School Testimonial by John Ynes

In this video, John Ynes from West Palm Beach, Florida shares his experience from our 3-Day Hands-On Wheel Repair course. John traveled to the Wheel Repair School to advance his wheel repair, rim repair, color change, and clear coat skills. This hands-on, comprehensive course gives auto appearance professionals the confidence to repair wheels on their own, whether they have years of experience or are just starting out.

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My name is John Ynes. I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida. I took the 3-day wheel repair course. Training was excellent. Hands-on, information, excellent training. I learned how to blend, do clear coat, paint, match paint. Different types of paint – metallic grays, silver, black. We had three days hands-on, every day was hands-on. Thousands of hours of experience and I’m ready to get on the field and do some wheel repair work. If you’re looking for somewhere to learn how to do wheel repair and all the other services they have, come here. I’m ready to go back to Florida and do some wheel repair. Once again, my name is John Ynes from West Palm Beach, Florida. Thanks to Rightlook I’m ready to get on the road and do some work and do some wheel repair.

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