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Paintless Dent Repair Training – March Class Testimonials

In this month’s Hands On Paintless Dent Repair Training Class, we hear from three different students on what their experience was like. Wesley, Harley, and Sabin made the trip to San Diego, CA from near and far to take this 6-day comprehensive PDR course. This course is led by a master dent trainer with years of industry experience. Students learn how to repair dents on hoods and actual vehicles with individual work stations and plenty of one-on-one instruction. With no prior experience, each of them are ready to go back home and start repairing dents with confidence.

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Wesley: My name is Wesley Anderson, I’m from Palm Desert, California.

Harley: My name is Harley Thomasson, I’m from Kearney, Nebraska.

Sabin: I’m Sabin, I’m from Calgary, Canada.

Wesley: I took the paintless dent removal course.

Harley: I took the PDR – paintless dent repair course.

Sabin: I took the paintless dent repair course.

Wesley: The training at first was a bit difficult, but I feel confident that I can go back and keep practicing and get better at it.

Harley: When I came here I thought I knew more than I did and I got my percentage at ninety-five about every time until I asked more questions. And Garret pushed me over the edge and gave me the edge that I needed to go back home with. He’s a very good motivator and I really respect his work and how he performs his class.

Sabin: The training is really good. What I was expecting – I was thinking it was going to be much easier. It’s difficult, but by the end it’s a really, really good course so it’s worth every penny.

Wesley: Hi I’m Wes Anderson.

Harley: Hi my name’s Harley.

Sabin: Hi I’m Sabin from Calgary.

Wesley: We absolutely love Rightlook.

Harley: This school is amazing. I’m ready to go back to Nebraska where I’m from and show them what I’ve learned.

Sabin: I’m very excited and I’m just ready to go home and start fixing dents.

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