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All New Double Decker Skid Mount Unit

Check out our brand new Double-Decker Deluxe Skid Mount Unit, which has all the features of our Deluxe Skid Mount unit with an added rack for additional storage. This double-decker skid mount is designed specifically for pick-up trucks, to turn your personal vehicle into an auto detailing and pressure washing machine.


Ok, guys. Steve Drennon from here. The reason that we’re here is that we’re introducing our brand-new piece of equipment, and we want you guys to take a look at it. This is our Double-Decker Deluxe Skid Mount. What we did is we took a regular Deluxe Skid Mount and we put it on steroids. You can see we built a full rack system here, so if you have a pick-up truck you can load all of your equipment, keep it organized, show up on site, detail a boat, RV, airplane, whatever you have in front of you. And this is really going to represent that you’re professional, you have the best quality equipment, and that’s why you charge top dollar. Again, with the double-decker system you’ve got room to store everything: wash mat, ladder, organizational systems, chemicals everything that you need. You guys, this is the best unit we’ve ever built. Take a look at what we have on here. We have our signature 2000 PSI pressure washer, ratcheting hose reel with fifty feet of hose, we have the best top-of-the-line Honda quiet 3000-watt generator, Makita hot dog air compressor, and one of my favorite parts, the 15 gallon 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner, carpet extractor, and water reclaim system that you can reclaim water with your wash mat that’s right up here. When you show up on site with this, people are going to take you seriously. If you have more questions about this piece of equipment or other things that we manufacture, contact us here at at 800-883-3446. Thanks for watching.

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