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Micro Auto Detailing Skid Mount Unit

Check out this recent video where David shows off our brand new Micro Skid Mount Unit. This skid mount is small, but mighty. It comes outfitted with a 60 gallon water tank, 50 foot hose, 2000 watt quiet generator, and a 2000 PSI pressure washer. This unit is small enough to fit in the back of a small truck or SUV, but powerful enough for everyday use by the professional mobile auto detailer.

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Alright guys, my name’s David Army. You haven’t seen anything like this yet from Rightlook. Check it out. This is our brand new micro skid mount. So what we’ve actually done it scale down a model so that it fits in small pick up trucks and SUVs like this Ford Explorer right here. So now, someone who has a smaller vehicle with less space can actually still do anything from a basic car was all the way through to the full service auto detail. Here you actually have your hose reel, 50 feet of hose for car washing. You can plug in any type of polisher or vacuum cleaner right here to your Honda 2000 watt generator. You also have what we call our deluxe filtration system in the back right behind your generator here. That blocks any type of debris or build up making it through your pressure washer, just in case. Also, an added feature that we have here – t-ball valve faucet right here. The benefit of that, it allows you to fill up water buckets, wash your hands right in the back of your truck. We will include a 3 foot hose so you can connect it right here and have all your access to clean water right in the back of your vehicle. Alright, that’s everything for the new micro skid mount. If you guys have any questions at all give us a call at Rightlook at 800-883-3446. Talk to you soon!

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