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Deluxe Auto Detailing Skid Mount Testimonial by Key Lewis

Key Lewis from Santa Clartia, California recently drove down to to pick up his brand new Deluxe Auto Detailing Skid Mount Unit. This skid mount comes with everything the elite mobile auto detailer needs including a generator, water tank, pressure washer, filtration system, and 3-in-1 vacuum, extractor, and reclaim system. Not only does this skid mount provide you with the best equipment, but it will also give you a professional look and feel when you’re out on the job. Key is ready to back to Santa Clarita with his new skid mount and start detailing cars.

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What’s going on. My name is Key Lewis, I’m at and I just picked up my Deluxe Skid Mount. I’m super excited you guys. Auto reconditioning at its finest – Damn Good Mobile Detailing Inc. , that’s what we’re doing. I’m super excited because in this process I got to learn and get full blown experience about how this set up is going to work, and make me some money and create some happy customers out there in the world. If you want the right product, you’ve got to go to you guys. That’s all I’ve got to say. Thank you so much!

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