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Car Detailing Certification Testimonial by Steven Wills

With the goal of working in the automotive reconditioning and detailing industry, Steven Wills traveled from East Brunswick, New Jersey to San Diego, California to take the Car Detailing Certification course.

Our most comprehensive detailing course, this certification class includes hands-on training in exterior detailing, interior detailing, windshield repair, ozone treatment, and headlight restoration. “As soon as I came here, the first day I realized that this was the right place to go to,” Steven shares. Steven now has the confidence to work in this growing and lucrative industry.

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Hi I’m Steven Wills, I’m from East Brunswick New Jersey. I came out here to take the Auto Detailing Class. I found searching for some automotive detailing equipment and they popped up all over the place. We hopped on a place one day before the class started. Came here no problem. Stayed at the local hotel down the street. Very simple. My training experience was everything that I expected and more. As soon as I came here, the first day I realized that this was the right place to go to. Very professional staff, the school has great information, it’s everything that you would want and more. I feel very comfortable starting my new business back in New Jersey with the information that I learned here at Rightlook. I would more definitely will be coming back for further training. I’m looking into doing the paintless dent removal, the wheel repair, and possibly the tint and vinyl wrapping.

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