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Auto Detailing Certification Testimonial by Kevin Paskovich

Receiving quality training is the best investment that you can make for your business. That’s why Kevin Paskovich traveled from East Brunswick, New Jersey to take the Auto Detailing Certification Class. This hands-on training course is designed for individuals who may have some basic experience, but are looking to further hone their skills and take advantage of this lucrative industry.

The course includes specialized training in interior detailing, exterior detailing, windshield repair, headlight restoration, and ozone treatments. With the knowledge from this course and plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor, Kevin is now ready to run his own business with confidence.

If you’re interested in earning your Auto Detailing Certification, call today to speak with one of our business consultants 800-883-3446 or click here to learn more.


My name is Kevin Paskovich, I’m from East Brunswick, New Jersey and I took the Advanced Auto Detailing Class. I found Rightlook through a friend and he recommended me to come and take the class and now we’re here. Travel for me was not that bad. I came from New Jersey, so I just hopped on a plane, booked a hotel down the street, and now I’m here in the class. My training experience so far has been great. Ruben is a very knowledgeable teacher. He taught the class very well. I’ve learned many things including interior detail, exterior detail, window repair, ozone treatment, everything. I feel very prepared to get started in this industry, including all of the products that Rightlook makes. The skid mount, the Cyclo, everything when you buy a package. I just feel like it’s the best route to go when you’re getting into this industry.

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