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Auto Detailing Business Opportunity Testimonial by Ed Brodersen

With the price of new cars on the rise, more and more people are investing in quality detailing and reconditioning services for their vehicles. Ed Brodersen is smart to take advantage of this auto detailing business opportunity by investing in hands-on training from

The Advanced Auto Detailing Class includes specialized attention on interior detailing, exterior detailing, windshield repair, ozone treatment, and headlight restoration. With expert instruction, individualized attention, and practice on real vehicles, Ed is ready to apply what he has learned to his business in Valencia, California. is the only company to offer a complete 360° approach to the auto detailing business opportunity.  With hands-on training, supplies and equipment, ongoing support, and marketing, is your partner for success.

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My name is Ed Brodersen, I’m from Valencia, California, I took the Advanced Auto Detailing Class, which included windshield repair and headlight restoration. I looked online, called around a little bit, and compared with other places and went with the online and gave them a call. They gave me nice recommendations for hotels in the area about a mile from here. It was very convenient. My training experience has been excellent, I don’t have anything negative to say about it, it’s been very informative. They answer your questions when you ask and it’s very clean and organized. I feel 100% better prepared than I was prior to coming.

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