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Advanced Detailing Training – March Class Testimonials

This month’s Advanced Detailing Training class brought five students from all over the country to San Diego, CA for five days of comprehensive training. This Advanced Auto Detailing course covers everything that the elite detailer needs to know including interior and exterior detailing, advanced paint correction and rejuvenation techniques, windshield repair, and headlight restoration. The most important part of operating a successful detailing business is investing in quality training, and whether you’re just starting out or already own your own business, this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

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Jose: My name is Jose Chavez and I come from Houston, Texas.

Pat: Hey I’m Pat, and I’m from Windham, New Hampshire.

Chris: My name’s Chris. I’m from Salt Lake Tahoe, California.

Ryan: Hi my name is Ryan. I’m from Denver, Colorado.

Alex: Hi my name is Alex and I’m from Los Angeles, California. This class I took here at Rightlook was the 5-day, advanced auto detailing course.

Jose: The training was awesome. I loved it a lot. I learned a lot about auto reconditioning.

Pat: My favorite part of the class was the glass coating. I’ve got to say, learning some more about the exterior work, whether it’s paint sealant, carnauba wax, synthetic wax, glass coating – I thought all that stuff was pretty cool. I got to the learn the differences in how long each thing lasts.

Chris: My favorite part about the class was how to use the different compounds and the waxes, the windshield repair, and the headlight repair.

Ryan: I thought the course was incredible. I learned everything I needed to know. My favorite part about the class was learning what the materials do, how to use them, and what not to use.

Alex: I thought the training was very beneficial to me. So now I’m going to go out there and start my business. I feel like I have a lot more information as to how chemicals are supposed to be used versus what to do and what not to do, how to treat customers.

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