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Advanced Detailing Course Testimonial by Rocco Salerno

Although hesitant at first about making the trip to San Diego, CA from New Jersey for the Advanced Detailing Course, Rocco was glad he did in the end. While anyone knows how to wash a car, professional training is what will ultimately set you apart from your completion. This comprehensive training course covers everything from equipment and chemical techniques, advanced add-on services, and effective packaging, marketing, and promotion.

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My name is Rocco Salerno and I’m from New Jersey. I took the 5-day advanced detail class. I’ve literally learned everything, from the knowledge to the education. And knowing that though also educating my clients and my customers so that they don’t get scammed from the other professional detailers. It’s a great course. I really highly recommend everybody taking this Rightlook course, the five day course. It’s a great experience and I just can’t wait to get back to Jersey. I had a passion for cars. Everybody loves cars, everybody knows how to detail cars, everybody knows how to do everything until they start going it and they start messing things up. So I did a lot of research, me and my fiancé, and I came across Rightlook. I kept going. David kept calling me, he trying to get me in the class. I kept going back and forth, back and forth. One thing led to another, and I’m like – you know what? Let’s go to San Diego. Let’s go to Rightlook. Let’s get the right education. Let’s get the right knowledge. I am ready to head back to Jersey, start my business the right way, and take whatever I learned in San Diego from the Rightlook class and start doing the exact same thing –  the checklist, knowing and trying to sell, the upselling, and everything else to my clients. I’m Rocco Salerno, I’m from New Jersey. I came here to San Diego to take the five day course in detailing and I’m ready to back to start my business and blow this thing up. I came here for the education, the knowledge and learn how to run a business, and to know the aspects of the business. If a client comes up to me, I have an answer for them, not just a BS thing. So I really came out here to get the knowledge and give back to the customers and the clients as well so they don’t get gipped.

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