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Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial by Manny Armafido

Manny made the short trip from Los Angeles, CA to San Diego, CA to take the Advanced Auto Detailing training course. Manny owns a car wash, but just because he already owns his own business doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have anything to left to learn. This course is more than just learning how to detail cars. Our expert trainers also teach you how to put systems in place to more efficiently, effectively, and profitably run a business and deliver a consistent, high-quality service to your customers.

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My name is Manny Armafidon, I’m from Los Angeles, California. Training here at is amazing and it’s required. Anybody that is going into the auto reconditioning business will definitely have to go through the training. I learned a lot about detailing, polishing to bring a car back to like-new condition. Hi my name is Manny Armafidon, I’m from Los Angeles, California. I own a car wash in LA. I came here to get training and I’m going back with a lot of knowledge and this will help my business drive and I’m glad that I came to get training. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Because I don’t have a system. I need to come here and get a system so that I will be able to do what I want to do.

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