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Advanced 5-Day Detailing Course – September Recap

Here’s a new recap video from last month’s Advanced 5-Day Detailing Course. Students traveled from near and far for this course so check it out and see for yourself what our hands-on auto detailing course is like.

Professional training is the cornerstone to a successful career in any industry. It’s what ultimately separates the part-time hobbyist from the successful business owner. With professional training, you can learn first-hand from people who have years of experience and know what it takes to succeed in this lucrative industry. Success lies in being able to provide a consistent, high-quality service to your customers and gives you the tools for working smarter rather than working harder.

In our auto detailing course, students learn the basics of auto detailing from A to Z from experienced instructors who have years of industry experience. This course also includes comprehensive training on paint correction and paint coating application – services that are both lucrative and growing in popularity.

If you’re interested in growing or starting your own auto appearance and reconditioning business, click here or call 800-883-3446. Our friendly and helpful business consultants can help you get the right training and the right equipment for you to be successful.

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