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Skid Mount Testimonial by David Alcocer

David is from Long Beach, CA and made the short trip to San Diego, CA to pick up his brand new Deluxe Skid Mount unit. David has had a long-time dream of getting started in the auto appearance and car detailing industry, and this brand new skid mount is getting him one step closer. Watch the video to hear what David has to say – he could not be happier!

This Deluxe Skid Mount unit is the number one choice for professional auto detailers and reconditioning professionals. It’s manufactured in our facility in San Diego and made with commercial grade quality parts that are built to last. These skid mounts can be removed from your vehicle to free up space for personal use. All of our skid mounts can be fully customized to meet your specific needs and budget. If you don’t live near by, we can also ship anywhere.

The Deluxe Skid Mount model comes complete with a 90 gallon water tank, commercial grade pressure washer, 3000 W Quiet Honda Generator, Makita Air Compressor Kit with Hose, and a 15 gallon 3-in-1 system for vacuuming, extraction, and water reclaim.

If you’re interested in getting started in the automotive appearance and reconditioning industry with a custom skid mount unit, call today at 800-883-3446 to speak with one of our business consultants.


What’s up, guys. My name is David and I’m from Long Beach, California. I am super excited to pick up my new Skid Mount Deluxe system. It’s got everything I need to do my job professionally, and I just want to give a shout out to David for hooking it up and giving me all of the knowledge of the equipment and everything. I can’t wait to use it. This is the place to come to – Rightlook!

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