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Skid Mount Auto Detailing Pressure Washer Unit

Fully Loaded Skid Mount

Here Steve Drennon reviews the components of the Rightwash Auto Detailing Pressure Washer Unit. Built in-house for professional car washing and detailing. This unit is the #1 choice of pros.


Hey guys, Steve Drennon here from I’m at our production center here in San Diego, California and I just want to take a moment or two to talk to you a little about our custom auto detail pressure washer units that we manufacture for professional mobile detailers in the indsutry. What I have right here beside me is actually our deluxe skid mount unit. This has basically all the options we can put onto a skid mount.  We have different price levels for different needs. We have a basic, a standard, this is the deluxe.

So starting with the water tank – this one comes with a 90 gallon water tank. With 90 gallons of water, most professional detailers could do about 25-30 washes and details. From the water tank we put an in-line, deluxe water filtration system. It’s one the safety features that we do. And what that will do is it will capture any dirt or debris from your water tank AR cam-driven pump on your pressure washer. It’s one of the things that we do to prolong the life of your equipment. This is an investment in your business and something that’s going to last for many years. We build the pressure washers here in-house and dial them in at 2,000 psi – perfect for a mobile detailer. We put a 50 foot hose on a ratcheting hose reel, you can go up to 100 feet. Advantage to that is when you’re done pressure washing you can simply wind up the crank, real neat, it will just clean up all of your hose very quickly, and you can get on to the next job.

We have on the deluxe a Honda Quiet 3000 watt generator. If you’re in a community where you need to be quiet or sound level is definitely going to be a concern, then we put the Honda Quiet 3000 watt generator on here as an upgrade. Next item that we have is the Makita Hotdog air compressor. This is perfect for the detail for blowing out door jambs and vents. It’s mounted on here with 50 feet of hose and all of the air fittings that you would need as well.

The next thing – one of my favorite features on our auto detailing pressure washer unit – is this right here, the 3-in-1. This is the real heart of this auto detailing pressure washer. And this operates your very powerful vacuum cleaner, a carpet extractor and also a way to reclaim water with a wash mat or with a wash berm if you’re in an area where you need to be reclaiming your water. The great thing about this is that everything is mounted right on here. You don’t have to take a heavy vacuum off or a heavy extractor off – and it’s rolling around the parking lot banging into the side of your vehicle. This one right here makes your life a heck of a lot easier. Just grab your 50 feet of hose and go to where the work is at.

This particular unit – we manufacture all of the frames right here in house, cutting the steel, welding it, powder coating it, diamond plate. This is the equipment that professionals in the industry need and want. If you have more questions about the auto detailing pressure washer or other equipment that we manufacture for other parts of your business, call us at Rightlook at 800-883-3446. Thanks a lot.

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