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New Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer – 9800 Model

mobile pressure washer trailer

Matt is the proud new owner of a custom 9800 Mobile Pressure Washer Trailer, which he recently picked up from our facility in San Diego, CA. Our 9800 model is our most deluxe trailer, perfect for any professional mobile auto detailer.

The interior of this mobile pressure washer trailer is outfitted with everything a professional detailer needs to get the job done including a pressure washer, water tank, generator, and filtration system. With a lined interior and heavy duty flooring, this trailer is built to withstand everyday use for years to come.

The exterior features dual rear cargo doors with a locking bar for security, a side door for additional access, custom aluminum alloy wheels with heavy duty steel belted radial trailer tires, and rivetless sides great for advertising.

If you want to turn your mobile pressure washer trailer into a moving billboard for your business,’s sister company – Rightlook Creative – can provide an exceptional design that is sure to turn heads out on the road and make sure your rig is dressed to impress.

Our mobile pressure washer trailers are built for detailers, by detailers. No one knows the auto detailing and reconditioning industry better than For over 18 years, has been the number one choice for detailing trailers, equipment, supplies, and hands-on training and we have helped thousands of automotive professionals start and grow their businesses.

If you’re interested in professional grade mobile detailing equipment for your business, call today to speak to one of our business consultants at 800-883-3446.

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