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Color Change Wrap Training Testimonial by Warren Hills

Like so many of our customers, Warren Hills already owns his own mobile auto detailing business, but was looking to add additional profit centers and improve his business – starting with color change wraps. Warren made the decision to take the Color Change Wrap Training Class in San Diego, California to learn this valuable skill.

Having come from Stafford, Virginia with no previous color change wrap training or experience, Warren now feels confident and prepared to take on new clientele. This hands-on, comprehensive color change wrap training class prepares all students to handle color change wrap installation with confidence.

Good luck Warren, and we look forward to seeing you again in the future! If you’re interested in color change wrap training, click here to learn more or give us a call at 800-883-3446.


Hi my name is Warren Hills, I’m traveling from Stafford, Virginia. I’m here at Rightlook for the vehicle wrap class. I’ve been looking for a few years to further my education in vehicle wrap, I did a bunch of Google searching and I starting asking a few people and that finally brought me back to Rightlook again. I own a business right now – mobile detailing – and I’m always trying to improve on my business. And I’m seeing how successful people from Rightlook wound up being so I figured why not, let’s just give it a try. I feel 100% prepared to do vehicle wraps now. I’ve got three lined up, so I have to be prepared now. I plan on coming back to Rightlook in the summer to take a few more courses. I definitely would let all my friends and family know. Look out, Into Detail is now doing vehicle wraps!

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