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Color Change Wrap Class Testimonial by Sawyer Davis

Looking to jump-start his career, Sawyer Davis from Carlsbad, California took the hands-on Color Change Wrap Class at Rightlook. Sawyer’s goal is to work for a local vehicle wrap shop, and hopes to own his own color change wrap business someday.

Sawyer is smart to take advantage of this growing and lucrative service. Skilled color change wrap professionals are in high demand and the market for these services is unlimited. The Rightlook Color Change Wrap Class has prepared him to start working as a wrap installation technician. “My training experience here at Rightlook has been great, I’ve enjoyed every second of it,” Sawyer shares.

If you’re interested in taking the Rightlook hands-on color change wrap class, click here to learn more or call 800-883-3446 to speak to one of our business consultants.


My name is Sawyer, I’m from Carlsbad, California and I took the custom vehicle wrap class at Rightlook. I came to train here at Rightlook to basically become certified to get a job at a shop to start wrapping vehicles and then in the future start my own business. My training experience here at Rightlook has been great, I’ve enjoyed every second of it and it’s been very knowledgeable. Now that I’ve trained with Rightlook I feel much more prepared and ready to go into wrapping and all that greatness. I would absolutely come back to Rightlook to take another class. I would take the window tint class, because that is generally used in vehicle wrap shops as well. If you think you’re going to wrap your car, or learn how to do it on YouTube, you’re definitely not going to. I think you should come down to Rightlook, look how good they taught us how to wrap, as you can see t looks amazing. Definitely come down to Rightlook if you want to learn how to wrap cars.

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