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Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Training Testimonial by Andrew Martinez

With his current promotional wrapping and signage company, Andrew Martinez took Rightlook’s Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Training class to gain more experience and learn tips and tricks to give him an advantage in the industry.

With high praise for the instructors of the vinyl vehicle wrap class, Andrew shares, “All the teachers were amazing… very thorough. They walk you through everything and there was plenty of help when needed and plenty of one-on-one time too.”

Completing the vinyl vehicle wrap training class has given Andrew a lot more confidence to work in the industry and is ready to offer his newly, refined vehicle wrapping skills.

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My name is Andrew Martinez. i have a company called Driven Signworks and we do promotional wrapping and promotional signage. I took the vinyl wrap class to get more experience and learn more tips and tricks that have definitely been a great help for my business and this industry. was easy to find. Basically, I went on the computer and I typed up “vehicle wrap course” and Rightlook came up on Google real fast and it was a local company. I did take the risk in coming over here and trying it out and it was the best investment I made in my career so far.

I highly recommend for all your wrap experience needs. I would definitely take another course. I’ve already recommended 2 people who’ve actually already booked classes. All the teachers was amazing, Adam and his partner, Bubba, were amazing teachers, very thorough. They walk you through everything. There was plenty of help when needed and plenty of one-on-one time.

Being an amateur installer, you just kind of go out there and jump into things and learn from your experiences. I’m leaving here with a lot of confidence and ready to hit the pavement when I get home. I definitely highly recommend for the vehicle wrap course for all your installation needs, questions, answers, and awesome staff.

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