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Window Tinting Training Testimonial by Neil Griffin

Neil traveled all the way from Dover, Delaware for the second time to take window tinting training from Rightlook. He had previously taken wheel repair, interior repair, and auto detailing, and was looking to add another set of skills to his repertoire.

With some previous experience with window tinting, Neil was looking to add an extra edge to his skills. He is ready to get back to business and offer window tinting to his customers, and tackle even the most difficult cars.

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Well I found on the Internet. I did a Google search for schools that taught automotive repair, and Rightlook was at the top of the list. The initial time I took wheel restoration, interior repair, and auto detailing, and the second time, this time, I took window tinting. I have a business that incorporates all these things that I have learned here at Rightlook. It’s called Car Craft, and I operate it in Dover, Delaware. My instructor was Ruben Valenzuela. He’s a master at both instruction and all these different disciplines that he teaches us. He makes it very easy, he’s gets right down and helps you if you run into a rough spot, and he’s just easy to get along with. You can ask him lots of questions and it’s very easy to be in a class with him. You can come here, go through the classes, and you can immediately start when you get back home, and you can’t beat that.

They take care of you from the moment that you first call them, to the last day when you’re going home. I’ve got four cars waiting for me when I get back home to do window tint on. That was a big reason why I came here, because I wanted to learn some new tricks. Some of them are very difficult cars, and I put them off just so when I got here I could go through the training and then learn some new techniques and then that way I won’t make as many mistakes when I get back home. I would absolutely recommend Rightlook to anyone that was interested in coming here, learning how to do anything from paint repair to wheels to anything you can find on their website.

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