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Window Tint Training Testimonial by Carlos Rivera

Carlos came to Rightlook with some previous experience tinting windows that he learned on his own, but found that the training he received from Rightlook is what he needed to set his skills and company apart from his competitors. He was amazed with the amount of one-on-one instruction and detailed attention he received from Ruben.

He also had Rightlook Creative (Rightlook’s sister company) create a brand new logo for his business. Rightlook’s window tint training gave him the tools and knowledge to hit the ground running and start tinting cars back home.

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Hi I’m Carlos Rivera, and I just finished my one-week course at Rightlook taking 3 different classes, and I can guarantee you that it’s probably the best investment you can make in your career. I was doing some research online. I wanted to get into this freelance work and start doing my own thing, and so a couple of companies popped up, but Rightlook really stood out with their testimonials and their videos. I initially wanted to do window tinting because my company bought a smaller, 20-year business that has been window tinting for that long, so I wanted to get more of a hands-on, different perspective of different styles of how to do the tinting. Training was better than I expected. Seeing it on video was one thing, you’re going to have a certain level of skepticism when you’re going into it. You’re forking out a lot of money and you’re wondering what kind of bang am I going to get out of my buck.

Coming to Rightlook was worth the hour and a half drive. Meeting Ruben and all the people here from day one felt like I was part of the family, and I think that’s what it really was about. That one-on-one allowed me to get really hands-on, make mistakes, have the instructor show me the right way in real time. There wasn’t any gaps or breaks or having a large student to teacher ratio, having hose things to worry about. I’m paying good money, so I expect a one-on-one relationship with my instructor to really figure out what am I doing wrong, get that feedback so I can really learn from those opportunities. I’m not too much into the types of companies and what they have to offer until I came to Rightlook, and they just opened up a world of information for me. So much detail, high level, all the way down to the nitty gritty was exactly what I needed. I feel like I have about 90% off all the tools and skills I need to hit the ground running.

Would I come back to Rightlook again? Absolutely. I also used Rightlook Creative for my business logo. So my LLC helped purchase a smaller tinting company that was in business for 20 years. That level of power that Rightlook gave me by having a quality logo, that strong presentation helped seal the owner’s deal about making that transition happen for me. I think the highlight of my training was seeing the end result that I did. Not what the instructor did. Not what another student did, but actually seeing my hands physically work on that car and see a perfect job. There’s a piece of journeymen that you do on the streets and you learn those skills, but nothing compares to coming to an actual institution where they have years of experience coupled with that hands on experience that you’ll have and really round it out to what will really mould you out as an individual. Those skills is what you’ll take from Rightlook, a little bit of what you learn on the street, if you will, here and there from YouTube. You couple all those things together and I think Rightlook really brings it all together into one solid piece.

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