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Wheel Restoration, Interior Auto Repair, Car Detailing Training Testimonial by Daryl Smith

With an opportunity to learn several automotive detailing and reconditioning services all at once, Daryl Smith came all the way from Canada to take Rightlook’s 2x2x2 course which consists of Wheel Restoration, Interior Auto Repair, and Car Detailing.

With some experience with interior auto repair prior to coming to Rightlook, Daryl found that he was able to learn even more new things about the service during his training and went on to share that, “Rightlook just brought it to a whole new level” where he felt he was confident enough to apply his training and translate it into a profitable business.

As for the other two training classes, as much as Daryl had appreciated learning about the process of car detailing, his Wheel Restoration class proved to be a highlight during the week long course. “Learning that technique and learning exactly how to do it- how to take a dent out of the rim, make it a different color, and just bring out that shine and make it look like new… that’s what I like,” said Daryl.

With plans to offer his newly found auto detailing and wheel and rim restoration skills along with his now refined interior vinyl and leather repair techniques, Daryl is more than ready to get some work done that’ll make his customers go “Wow.”

If you’re like Daryl and looking to either refine your skills and techniques or learn more about a completely different auto reconditioning service, click here and see what other training courses are offered or call us at 800-883-3446.

Hi there, I’m Daryl Smith; I’m from Ste. Anne, Manitoba, which is located in Canada, it’s a small little community but yeah. Here I am at rightlook and I just had a great time learning all this different stuff from auto detailing, wheel and rim repair, and vinyl and leather repair and I just want to say it’s been a great experience learning this stuff.

Ruben, he’s awesome. He really lays it down just simple, very comfortable and if I needed to ask a question again he was there and he can just fill it in there for me and I think it was just a great experience working with Ruben. Maybe I didn’t feel I was comfortable, he could explain exactly what I was doing wrong. If I forgot something, he was very interactive; he could just come at me and say “You know what Daryl? This is how you do it.”

Detailing, it took it to a new level for me in some ways because I found that it involved a lot more steps than what was actually involved and it just really helped me learn that process of learning detailing.

Wheel repair, that too I found very cool. Learning that technique and learning exactly how to do it, how to take a dent out of the rims and make it a different color and just bring out that shine and make it look like new—I love that new thing—that’s what I like.

The vinyl and leather repair, that too I’ve learned more stuff because that’s what I was kind of doing the past couple months learning. I found some other stuff that I actually learned more so from rightlook because they just brought that to a new level where I feel more like, “ok you know what? This feels good now, this is exactly what I want to see, I don’t want to see a comeback. I can actually do this and make money.” I feel really good about that.

My goal is for the next couple of weeks is to go around and offer this kind of work to people I know and clients as well and I’m very much looking forward to that. It’s exciting because now that I see what I’m doing with awesome experience is learning about this and I want to take that back home and show what exactly what I can provide to the customer and make them feel good and make them be like, “Wow, that looks great! That’s an awesome detail/rim repair/vinyl and leather repair.” Yeah, that’s what I’m excited about very much.

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