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Vehicle Window Tinting Training Testimonial by Zachary Quiroz

Auto appearance is nothing new to Zachary Quiroz as he and his father own an aftermarket accessory shop in Barstow. Zachary realized there was high demand for vehicle window tinting, and signed up for Rightlook’s class.

This is Zachary’s first class at Rightlook, and he was very happy with the level of training and the facilities. Now instead of turning people away, Zachary is now able to offer this high-margin service to customers and expand his shop’s business opportunities.

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My name is Zachary Quiroz. This is my first class here at Rightlook. I took the window tint course; it’s a three day long course. Coming into the class I was a little bit nervous and scared about window tinting because it’s a hard process. Right out of the gates, the first day we started working on some windows and everything and it definitely changed my mind about window tinting. There are some things that are still a little tricky. You just have to take your time at it and everything just starts to come natural to you.

We have tons of customers coming in, I would say probably at least 5-7 a week wanted to get there windows tinted and we’ve never offered that and we never even knew where to start. That’s when we looked up online and found that Rightlook was our best choice and scheduled it up. I would definitely take another Rightlook class. Like I said, the instructors are great. They’re real hands on, they’ve got a good facility, all the right tools you need and everything.

I decided to take the window tinting class because me and my dad have an aftermarket accessory shop for cars and trucks up here in Barstow and we have tons of customers coming in weekly asking us about window tint. We’ve never offered the course, so going home we’re going to start offering the course and hopefully get a lot more customers and maybe expand our business.

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