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PDR Dent Removal Training Testimonial by Jose Gonzalez

Currently operating his own auto detailing business in Mexico, Jose wanted to add Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) to his services and chose to train at Rightlook’s Dent Removal Training class. Not only is dent removal a complementary service he can provide to his customers, but it’s also a profitable one.

With plenty of hands-on training on practice panels and hoods and a dent removal expert as his instructor by his side, Jose was confident he would be able to take dents out of a live car when it came to that point.

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My name is José; I’m from Mexico. I came to Rightlook for their pdr training course. I do auto detailing and I’m trying to implement paintless dent removal; it’s a complimentary service for customers.

The classroom has plenty of room. You can move a long without interfering with the other students so I really liked it. My trainer is Greg, he’s a nice guy. He was talking and gives you advice and tips on how to approach or get along with the curves of the vehicle. When I had any questions id walk up to him, and he would come back to my panel and let me know how things work. You’re actually working panels of a car so it’s not like you’re in a classroom getting advice you write down a piece of paper—no, you’re actually working on a vehicle.

I think everybody was a little nervous because it was an actual customer car. However, on the percentage of confidence I was like 90% confident I would be able to do what I needed to do. I think it turned out really well. Overall, I think it’s a great opportunity; it really is what it said on the web, hands-on and no waste of time. It really is all about us with the desire to get trained. That’s about it; it’s the real, real deal.

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