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PDR Dent Removal Training Testimonial by Chris Dalton

Tired of turning away his customer’s requests for Dent Removal, Chris decided to take Rightlook’s professional Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) training program in order to satisfy his client’s demands. Excited about adding such a profitable services to his business, Chris believes that his PDR training at Rightlook will bring his business to the next level.

With an expert trainer working by his side who Chris said, “pushed him to his limits”, Chris ultimately gained the experience and skills he needed to learn paintless dent removal. Looking at his experience at Rightlook, Chris noted that it was, “an investment, an investment in myself, and an investment for my company.”

If you’re looking to add a profitable service to your business like Dent Removal, learn more about PDR training from Rightlook here.

Hey my name is Chris Dalton; I’m from Nashville, TN and I’m 20 years old. I came to rightlook.omc looking for a way to take my business to the next level and I took the paintless dent removal class and I could not be happier with my experience here. The knowledge I’ve learned, I’m confident now that I’m going to be able to take my company to the next level that I wasn’t able to before.

I started a company in Nashville called D Detailing, D standing for Dalton and we specialize in high-end vehicle transformation so ill take a car and put it though a 2-7 day process and transform it from the inside out. I’ve had so many clients ask me about dent removal and it was always painful to say, “No, I don’t know how.” I’d say that 7 or 8, I’d say at least 80% of all cars I did, the client asked me about dent removal and I was tired of saying no. I went on the internet and found rightlook and now I can say yes.

The trainer was Garrett and he was funny but at the same time he knew when to be serious. It was over the shoulder training and he was great the entire time. He pushed me to my limits. I would say, “oh that’s good enough, the dent is good enough” and he would,”that’s not enough.” Just little things like that really separated himself from all the other guys I’ve heard about.

We’ve been working on panels and hoods that we took off cars all week and he pushed me to my breaking point and because of that, I’m able to remove dents now. Yesterday, we actually worked on a real car and I was a little nervous and actually a little intimidated but it was all about finding access to the dent and once you access the dent I did exactly what I did on the practice hoods and panels, performing pdr on the actual car.

I looked at this as an investment, an investment in myself, it’s an investment for my company and through this investment I’m going to be able to satisfy a lot of my clients and make a lot of money. If it wasn’t for, it would’ve taken me many years to learn what I learned in the past week.

I just want to thank garret, I want to thank Ruben, and I want to thank the whole rightlook team for everything you guys have given me. You have a customer for life, thank you.

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