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Paintless Dent Repair – PDR – Training Testimonial by Paul Spano

Recognizing Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) as a profitable business opportunity, Paul wanted to take advantage of the fact that PDR is still an upcoming service in the auto reconditioning industry back home in Leamington, Ontario. Paul decided to take the professional PDR training at because he believed that the school and their trainers had the most experience on teaching how to repair dents.

With an expert PDR instructor by his side continually pushing for quality work on different types of dents, Paul was ready to work on a live vehicle as part of the PDR training and ended up with satisfying results. Seeing the value of the Paintless Dent Repair training, Paul is already planning to come back to Rightlook for more training on other auto reconditioning services.

If you’re like Paul and looking for a profitable business in the automotive reconditioning industry then consider an up and coming service like Paintless Dent Repair. Learn more about PDR as well as other professional training programs offered at

I’m Paul Spano; I’m from Leamington, Ontario. I took the PDR training course because it’s not a big thing at my hometown at this point, it’s up and coming and the insurance companies are starting to recognize it so I figure to get a head start on a lot of other people in my area. I chose Rightlook for my training because… mostly the experience, they have a lot more experience with the trainers and everything had a lot more experience than some of the other course offered in my area.

I had Garrett as a trainer and he’s really good, very down to earth. From the first day that we met him it was like we’ve known him for a few years. He’s a great trainer; he’s really hands-on with each individual student. There was a lot of one-on-one interaction; I think that’s what’s really nice with the Rightlook program, it’s very small course with not a lot of students in each course so you get a lot of personal time with the trainers.

First couple days of the course were very stressful. You end up getting it, by the third day you feel comfortable and everything doing what you’re doing. Everything is a lot easier, finding your tip. My confidence level was pretty high by the time we got to a real vehicle; Garrett was really good at putting confidence in us. It was definitely a lot more nerve wracking than working on the practice panels but I think it’s actually better because you slow down and that’s the biggest thing that Garrett taught us, that slow is fast, so It does help a lot.

I would definitely recommend I’m actually already thinking about coming back for other courses in the near future. I just think it’s the whole general atmosphere of the company, everybody since day 1 being in here, walking in that first day, everybody makes you feel right at home and it’s a very friendly atmosphere and it doesn’t feel you’re actually here for school or anything it feels like more or less like a bunch of friends trying to learn something together. The Rightlook program is very good place to learn, it’s a great atmosphere to be learning in; our instructor Garrett was excellent as an instructor, very hands-on. He definitely pushes you 100% and he’s definitely a perfectionist and you can tell and I think that shows in our work by the end of the week as his students.

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