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Interior Repair, Wheel & Rim Repair, Auto Detailing (2-2-2) Hands-on Training Testimonial by Daniel McGhee

To better understand the automotive appearance industry and to eventually begin an auto detailing business, Daniel McGhee came to and took the 2-2-2 Hands-on Training course which includes 2 days of Interior Repair, 2 days of Wheel & Rim Repair, and 2 days of Auto Detailing training. Leaving with all kinds of knowledge about the three areas of service, Daniel is confident in the skills he learned.

Even with some prior experience in auto detailing, Daniel was able to brush up and hone in his skills and techniques as he worked on live vehicles throughout his training. Daniel was less familiar with the other 2 training courses he took, interior repair and wheel and rim repair, but with an industry expert as his trainer by his side and all the hands-on training he was able to receive, by the time class was over he was confident that he’d would be apply to implement those services in the future as well.

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My name Daniel McGhee; I’m from Denver, CO. I just completed the 2x2x2 class; 2 days of interior repair, 2 days of auto detailing, and 2 days of wheel repair. It was a very grueling 6 days but it was very informational and I’ll be able to take back all kinds of knowledge that when I came out here I didn’t know. I’ve done auto detailing before and pretty much I just wanted to give it a shot to learn more about the industry.

My trainer was Ruben Valenzuela; he’s a very, very good trainer. He knows a lot about the industry and he’s very fun to work with. Detailing a car from start to finish was fun. There was a lot of stuff to remember. We went through different kinds of stuff, every single type of chemical we needed to use and before I came here I never used a buffer before so here it was very hands-on. Wheel repair was kind of scary at first but once you get practice with that grinder machine, it was fairly simple and easy. Interior repair, at first it was kind of hard to learn all the steps but after a while once you get use doing it, it comes fairly easy.

Being trained in 3 different areas of auto appearance means a lot to me; I can go home and I can put everything I learned here at Rightlook into action and run a successful business.

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