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Car Window Tinting Training Testimonial by Chriss Duenas

Chriss Duenas chose Rightlook for car window tinting training to take his new auto detailing business to the next level. With the phenomenal training and assistance from Ruben, Chriss was able to hone his skills in both car window tinting and auto detailing.

Automotive restoration is fairly new to Chriss, but he found that Rightlook’s car window tinting school prepared him to begin offering these new services with confidence. Car window tinting will be the perfect add-on to his auto detailing business.

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This is my first time taking anything dealing with automotive restoration. My name is Chriss Duenas and I heard about Rightlook online. They’ve got some great training. Ruben, the instructor, is very knowledgeable and shares a lot of what he has done in the past. I am taking both the auto detailing and the window tinting class. I’m enjoying both the classes. The auto detailing class is very detailed and I learned and a lot. Going through this window tinting class is just phenomenal, just a lot of training, a lot of knowledge that you are able to take back and share with the customers.

Rightlook set me up where I could get right into my business, start detailing vehicles and tinting windows without any reservation. I wanted to start my business, and I was looking for auto detailing training that I wanted to get before I even started my business. I looked online, talked to some people that are in my area and I found that Rightlook being in the San Diego area, I’m from California, so its closer, and since I’ve been here finding out the phenomenal trainers they have here. I’m just so excited, I’ve learned a lot and I’m ready to take my business to another level.

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