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Car Detailing Training Testimonial by Nicholas & Ginger Larson

With plans to own and operate their own Car Wash and Detailing business back home in Utah, husband and wife Nick and Ginger Larson came to to get professionally trained in auto detailing and other services that will benefit their business.

Both Nick and Ginger note how much they appreciated the small class room size, giving them plenty of opportunities to work one-on-one with their expert car detailing instructor during their hands-on training. “He helped us in other areas where maybe we were lacking a little, but he stepped in to show us and then we perfected it,” shared Nick.

Looking forward to potentially more training in the future as their business grows, Nick and Ginger are confident in the skills and knowledge they were able to attain during their time at Rightlook’s Car Detailing class.

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Hi my name is Nick Larson, I’m from Logan, UT. This is my wife Ginger; we’re both from Logan, Utah. We’re grateful for this opportunity to come out to Rightlook and train and to increase our knowledge and perfect our techniques that we’re doing and just have fun while we’re doing it. We decided to train here because of the quality that we saw you guys offered compared to other schools we were looking at. Also, the class size, knowing we’d have more one-on-one time. We really liked that and appreciated that and it helped us to feel more confident, and it was a little more hands-on. The training class that we took was auto detailing and the reason why we took it was to help get a business we’re planning on starting up in our hometown and we need more skills, everything offered here so we’re excited to go about it and hit it up.

Our trainer was Ruben, and to work with Ruben was great; he’s a really fun guy, jokes around a lot but he knows how to get down to business and take it seriously and he’s really good at what he does, really professional, really friendly, easy going and just a good guy. He was the only trainer and there were only 5 of us so our interaction with him was constant. He helped us in other areas where maybe we were lacking a little bit, he stepped in to show us and then we perfected it.

Working on the first day was a lot of fun to get hands-on experience. I think that’s what I enjoyed the most, getting that hands-on experience so that you can feel more comfortable. I think most of it wasn’t as difficult as we thought it was going to be. It still takes work but it’s not as difficult as you think. So detailing a car all the way through, start-to-finish was great. It’s a lot more tiring than you think it is but it’s amazing to see the results from the condition the paint is in and through the interior condition; it’s simply amazing and makes you confident that you can go home and do this.

We definitely would come to Rightlook for all their trainings and opportunities because what they offered here was amazing. You think you know something but there’s always something you don’t know. The small classes are always nice, more hands-on. It’s been a fun class, it’s been exciting, and we learned the proper ways to do things. We got to know some cool guys in the class and get to know Ruben and get a better rapport with Rightlook and look forward to working with them for a long time.

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