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Car Detailing, Alloy Wheel Repair, & Interior Repair Training Testimonial by Alix Douyon

Alix Douyon from Miami, FL decided to train at for a special 6-day automotive detailing and reconditioning training. Alix completed 3 of Rightlook’s professional training courses that included Auto Detailing, Wheel & Rim Repair and Interior Repair.

Alix shares how everything about Rightlook’s training program took him to the professional level he was trying to achieve. When it came to his trainer for all 3 courses, Alix couldn’t say enough of just how good his trainer, Ruben, was and goes on to say that Ruben is “the best trainer on this planet.”

After an eye-opening 2 day session for auto detailing—covering both interior and exterior detailing—Alix was more than pleased with the results of his hard work. The 2 days he spent repairing wheels during his Wheel Restoration class also astonished Alix after seeing the final results. The last 2 days of Interior Repair was especially important for
Alix as he mentions that interior refurbishing is currently his main job.

Not only did Alix refine his automotive interior repair skills, but he was also able to gain valuable hands-on experience regarding auto detailing and wheel repair—2 additional services that are very profitable in the auto reconditioning industry.

If you’re looking to enhance your own skills or add profitable services to your current auto reconditioning business like Alix, go to and learn more about all the training courses offered.

Hi my name is Alix Douyon; I’m from Miami, FL. I’m here at Rightlook, the automotive appearance training center here in San Diego and I went through an extensive but great 6- day training. The first 2 days were interior and exterior detail where I learned how to properly wash and take care of a car. The second 2 days was wheel repair where I learned how to repair wheels, change its color and so forth. The last days were 2 days of interior repair—velour, leather, vinyl.

I chose training with Rightlook because based on all the research I did, I found that Rightlook was the right place for me—it had the most comprehensive course and it was the only one that was an actual training center, as oppose to a product pusher.

Ruben was my trainer, the best trainer on this planet. When it comes to interior and car restoration, he is the best. He’s a hands-on trainer, he’s very patient, its one-on-one teaching and he has all the knowledge needed to show you how to do this. Whether you came in with knowledge or not, you’re going to leave here a pro.

My favorite part of the class was that it was a small knit class; there were only 2 student s in addition to me so it was hands-on, one-on-one experience. We each had Ruben’s undivided attention with only 2 students plus me, 3, for the whole week; it was the perfect sized class.

Auto detailing for the first few days was pretty intense. I thought that it was just a matter of putting soap and water and rubbing the car but Ruben taught us how to do it correctly with the right products, the right sequence of products, and the right techniques to get the best results. Now the wheel repair was a little scary because you’re dealing with real wheels. You’re grinding, you’re polishing, you’re doing everything on wheels and it’s fascinating to see the results. Interior repair for me was the most valuable, personally, because that’s the line of business I’m already in and it brought my skills to a professional level where now I can be confident, stand behind my work, and know that my level of repairs will not peel, will not flake and will be permanent.

If you’re thinking about upping your skills and becoming a professional with interior repair, detailing, rim repair, paintless dent repair, windshield repair or anything else on the Rightlook site and you’re debating whether you’re going to train at right look or not, I strongly recommend it. It’s going to give you more than you expect.

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