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Auto Window Tinting Training Testimonial by Armen Zargarian

Auto window tinting training marks the fourth class that Armen has taken from Rightlook. He has previously taken the wheel repair, windshield repair, and paintless dent repair classes. Having been already familiar with Rightlook’s excellent training, choosing Rightlook again for window tinting training was an easy choice.

Armen and his father currently own three car washes in Southern California, and tapping into the window tinting market was a no-brainer. With training from Rightlook’s auto window tinting courses, Armen is ready to get back to his businesses and start offering this high-demand service to his customers.

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The thing about Rightlook that keeps me coming back is their service. To be honest, I wish there were more companies like Rightlook just so other people all over the world can experience something like this and get a taste of it, because it is wonderful. They really come in here, they take care of you, you leave confident, you knowing “Hey I learned something from this and I’m going to take it back home and apply it,” whether it’s just for fun or you’re going to apply it for a business and make some money. That’s what its all about.

The window tinting was always important for us primarily before anything else because of the demand. Southern California, who doesn’t need their windows done? If you own a business with a volume of 300 or 400 cars are coming a day. To target that market is ridiculous. Thanks to Rightlook that’s the only reason we can do this. That’s why all the other competitors around us have a third party coming in, which obviously isn’t reliable for their customers. Customers like to see everything in house.

My favorite part of training this time around was once again probably working with Ruben. Great guy, easy going. I don’t know, everything is easier you know. He makes it really comfortable and the fact that I’m just looking forward to really applying this to my business was what was really exciting. The closer I came to doing it myself is what really kept me going, to know that I could really do it.

Hi, my name is Armen Zargarian, this is my fourth visit at Rightlook, taking the window tinting class. Me and my father currently own three car washes in Southern California and we’re looking to expand every single day. Any opportunity that comes our way, we’re going to take advantage of it and Rightlook was just one of those opportunities. So far I’ve completed the window tinting, the wheel repair, the windshield repair, and the paintless dent removal class so this is my fourth visit here and I can say that I’m just excited and ready to move forward from here. If Rightlook ever has anything else in the future I would be more than happy to take it.

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