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Auto Detailing Training Testimonial by Sudden Impact Mobile Detailing’s Melvyn Miller

In order to fine tune his auto detailing skills, Melvyn chose to train at Rightlook’s professional Auto Detailing class which also included Windshield Repair and Headlight Restoration training.

With an expert auto detailing by his side, Melvyn was able to cover all the essentials of how to properly detail a vehicle– including the use of different equipment and supplies along with different chemicals. “My trainer taught me how to clean, restore and protect vehicles,” said Melvyn.

With intense hands-on training and plenty of opportunity to apply his new skills, Melvyn is confident to get back out there and get some business in detailing, headlight restoration, and windshield repair.

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My name is Melvyn miller; I’m from Los Angeles, CA. I’m run a mobile detailing business, Sudden Impact Mobile Detailing. I attended’s hands-on training program. My trainer was Ruben, wonderful trainer, very hands-on with detailing—told me a lot about the chemicals, how to use them. We did a lot of buffing, we did windshield repair and we headlight restoration. I just had a great experience here at rightlook for detailing training.

I researched a lot of training programs and researched rightlook and it seemed like the best fit for me—quality training and hands-on training which I need. So I chose rightlook. I took the hands-on detailing program; I have a detail business so I’ve been interested in getting hands on training, extra training to be considered a professional detailer.

My trainer Ruben, fantastic trainer, told me how to clean, restore and protect vehicles. He taught me how to use which chemicals and told me everything about detailing. We also did windshield repair and headlight restoration.

It was great; a small class so we had a lot of one-on-one interaction and you spend a lot of time hand in hand with each other. It was real intense, real hands-on training. It’s not just sitting back reading a book or looking at a computer, you jump in there and really get into it.

The real highlight was just doing hands-on with the training. Jumping in there, using different equipment, using different chemicals, jumping on the windshield, fixing it, then jumping on a headlight, restoring it. Just making a car look new. Ruben taught me well and I’m going to get out there and get some business in detailing, headlight restoration, and windshield repair.

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