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Auto Detailing & Car Wash Training Testimonial by William Morales

To get professional auto detailing training, William came to Rightlook and completed the Auto Detailing & Car Wash Training class. The auto detailing training class proved to be very insightful as William was “shocked that what I did before was not the right way.”

Working on practice panels and hoods with a detailing expert as his trainer by his side, William gained the confidence and skills he needed to professionally detail a live vehicle the next day. Ready to go out there and start detailing work, William is more than excited to apply his professional skills in the automotive field.

If you’re looking to sharpen your auto detailing skills and techniques like William, then check out for more information on the Auto Detailing & Car Wash Training class.

Hi my name is William Morales; I’m from Los Angeles, CA. I came to to get trained the professional way. My experience at rightlook was amazing. I came here and with what I learned, I was so shocked that what I did before was not the right way. The training class I took was detailing because that what I’m focusing on, detailing.

My trainer was Ruben and he felt like a brother; he just spoke like he knew me forever. It was that bond where I was like hey, and I’d ask him a question and he answered the questions professionally and he’d throw a joke in there so it just felt comfortable. You didn’t feel like you’re asking him a question and he’d respond in a bad way.

The practice hoods we were working on looked very, very bad so I thought there was no way we could make this look brand new but we worked on it and towards the end of the day that hood looked great. So I was like, ok that was a bad hood so imagine we get a decent hood that’s not as bad other cars, it would be easier than the one we worked on, so that was a big plus. So, bad had, we made it look good so the hoods out there, they aren’t that bad. Working on that bad hood helped us a lot to get that confidence.

I’m ready to go out there and start doing some cars; making it look really shiny, making it look great and smooth—that’s the best part for me. As my business expands, I will bring my workers to rightlook because the things you do you will not learn anywhere else. The stuff that I learned here, I can $150 into a $600 day within those 4 or 5 hours of work. The 3 days you’re here is just amazing and I had a lot of fun. I was never nervous. You’re just getting trained and it was a fun process. I love it. I would recommend everybody else to come and check it out themselves. It’s worth it, every penny, can’t go wrong.

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