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Wheel & Rim Repair Training Testimonial by Juan Batista

Coming all the way from Puerto Rico to take Rightlook’s professional Wheel and Rim Repair Training, Juan Batista leaves with experience and confidence as he goes back home, ready to offer Wheel and Rim Repair as a service at his own business.

Rather than continue to outsource Wheel and Rim Repair services, Juan was more than happy to gain the knowledge and skills on how to refurbish wheels and rims and begin offering the profitable service in-house. With Rightlook’s expert Wheel/Rim Repair trainer Ruben by his side throughout training, the entire rim repair process was easy to learn and understand.

After repairing several wheels on a live vehicle, Juan, as well as the owner of the vehicle he worked on, were more than satisfied with the final results. “I’m pretty amazed, everything was perfect. The wheels turned out great,” shares Juan.

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Hey my name is Juan Batista; I’m from Puerto Rico and I came to Rightlook for the wheel and repair training. Were doing a lot of wheel repair through outside companies and I want to capture those customers. My trainer was Ruben Valenzuela and he was excellent during the wheel reconditioning training. I had a lot of interaction with him, a lot of questions he answered, he explained a lot of things that I needed to do on the wheels, he pointed to things I was doing wrong and corrected me, so everything was perfect.

Training on the wheels was perfect, a lot of hands-on training, practice. Once we got started working on the wheels on the actual car it was easier than doing them on dummy wheels. Everything went right like how Ruben told us it would. I’m pretty amazed, everything was perfect. The wheels was great, one of the customers just congratulated me because I did an excellent job repairing the wheels.

The experience of working on actual wheels was the best thing of the whole training. This was the first time I took wheel and rim repair training like this, it was great—it was 3 days which is the perfect amount of time, a lot of practice, I did 3 wheels and 1 dummy wheel. The training, the facilities, the people—everything was great.

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